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Rerolls Remaining:
Press randomise to generate a new god and build, each build has 3 rerolls which can be used to change an item/active, the same item can be rerolled several times
Show Starter & 7th Item
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Smite Randomiser

Smite Randomiser is a project that I've been working on to have a Smite randomiser app that is consistently updated and has all the features the communinity would like, hopefully you enjoy :)

Current Features:

- God & Build Randomisation
- Ability to reroll Items/Actives
- God, Class and Type selection
- Guranteed Boots (+first item)
- "7th" Item
- Idea's Submission
- Offensive & Defensive Item filtering
- "WildCard" Choose to have a chance of getting an blank item where you can build whatever you would like
- Mobile Compatibility (Can be used in browser and is able to be downloaded as an App)

Features Coming Soon:

- Assault queue filtering (e.g removing stacking items)
- Get Starter Item
- Custom blacklist